My name is Jorge Salera …  a name I’ve never liked I always had the idea that it was an old man’s name. I was born in San Salvador, El Salvador one May day and one year I prefer to skip, since I think age is not relevant. I grew up in a family made up of women, strong and hardworking women. My first years of life I remember them next to my grandfather and surrounded by much love, years that I keep in the depths of my heart. Since childhood I had many inclinations for art, dance and music. Practice Olympic gymnastics for many years, I remember dreaming of growing up and being a physical education teacher. Participate in many dance groups. Study theater and form part of a theater group. Participate in children’s television programs. In my adolescence the desire to write was awakened in me and I remember that I liked to read and write songs. I could never sing, I remember trying to participate in the choir of my school and I think my teacher felt so bad to hear my voice that he told me I had more for the theater group, I felt so bad then, but now I understand that he was right. Those years I dedicate myself to write scripts of small performances that we carried out in the school.

My life changed radically the day my mother had a car crash. I remember that day as if it were yesterday. That accident caused my mother to remain in a wheel chair and to this day has been the most painful time that I have had to face. I knew I could not cry in front of her because my mission was to make her happy; But my heart kept that pain. When I felt sad I wrote little notes saying “tomorrow will walk!” I repeated it over and over again. I was crying in silence, my consolation was to write because in this way I used to express my feelings in a notebook and that prevented me from crying. I still cry for her because I think I have never got over seeing her like this and it hurts me to think about everything she suffered; But I am encouraged to know that she has learned to live like this.

In high school I was always one of those popular girls, I got into every problem. I graduated from high school in Chemistry and Biology since I wanted to be a doctor, I do not know what was going through my mind at that time, if I do not know or divide. I think I wanted to be a doctor to continue with a family tradition and the desire to help. She took courses in modeling and photography, but she kept insisting on being a doctor. The day came that I had to make the decision in reality of what career I wanted to study, in the end I finished studying laws. I graduated from the university Dr. José Matías Delgado, of the best law school in the country that lived at that time. While studying law, he always took alternative classes in computing, courses of good manners, social behavior, and public relations. Do not study communications because in my country this area is not very wide and there are not many job opportunities. I do not regret having studied laws since it helped me to expand my knowledge, to create the habit of reading, to defend myself, to expose my point of view and to fight for what I consider to be fair. Today I think that you can not study a profession that meets your expectations, but there are things that are natas in every human being and I know that my passion for communication and marketing is something I was born with and now I am achieving those dreams .

When I finished my career I decided that my life was not in my country I always wanted something more, I wanted to fly and find a place where my dreams can come true, that’s why I decided to move the United States where I have been living for 10 years and live with the father Of my son a special human being. The first years I dedicate them to take care of my son, but never stop studying I went to university to study English. I started working, and even with the limitations that I had the first few years for not speaking well English I learned that value is half of life, and I always thought I had to be the best in what I do and I have succeeded in positioning myself in one of The first places of sale of my company. Parallel to this I have always wanted to help others, that has allowed me to get involved in non-profit organizations, donate my time, meet people and also learn through the needs of others. I have now achieved my Law degree in the United States, but I have thought that this does not make me happy, I have rejected some proposals to work in my profession, because my world is bigger than this career, there are many dreams that I still want to achieve , Many goals to achieve and good this new adventure that begins today is one of them